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Welcome to the CDP corp. web-site!

CDP corp. (www.cdpsystems.com) is a distributor of the company "Microtech Instruments, inc." (Www.mtinstruments.com) in Russia and CIS. Microtech Instruments The Company specializes in the design and supply of equipment and components in a wide frequency band, including terahertz range. Microtech Instruments solutions include a full set of tools for scientific and practical research in the field of terahertz spectroscopy. Tool kit includes hardware and software package consists of:
1. Sources highly stable and tunable over a wide range of radiation sources, including the terahertz range.
2. shaper transmission line with low attenuation in the study area.
3. High-sensitivity signal with low noise, providing a high dynamic range of the level of the received signal.
4. High-precision phase shifters, allows high spectral resolution.
5. Elements of the transmission line using weakly absorbing materials.
6. Software automates the process of spectral measurements.
This tool allows for the limiting parameters of devices.
KDP The company is open for cooperation with all who appreciate the high quality and reliability of purchased equipment supplier. We are ready to supply the customer a quality product on time and at reasonable prices.

CDP corp. meets all requirements of quality standard ISO 9001: 2008