Spectrometers & Reflectometers


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Спектрометры и рефлектометры

Терагерцовые компоненты


Фотопроводящие антенны

Оптические элементы

Optionally possible implementation of spectrometers of the following types:
• entrance
• reflective
• based on a Mach-Zehnder interferometer
Spectrometer transmission type
Spectrometer reflection type
Spectrometer Mach-Zehnder
• Operating frequency range: 36-1430 GHz.
• Frequency resolution is not worse than 10-4.
• The dynamic range of 10 + 4-10 + 5 using a PDA.
• The dynamic range of 10 + 10 + 6 --- 7 using a cooled receiver.
• The degree of polarization izlucheniya- 99.99%.
• The recording time of reflection and transmission spectra of 100 points: 10-20 sec.
• Time recording spectra of the phase shift of 100 points: 40-50 sec.
• Accuracy of measurement of the reflection coefficient: <+ - 0.5%.
• Accuracy of measurement of transmittance of weakly absorbing samples: <+ - 0.5%.
• measurement error of the phase shift of the transmitted wave for weakly absorbing samples: <+ - 0.5 g.
All spectrometers are equipped with software to automate data collection and analysis.



Frequency range, GHz

Спектрометр терагерцовый Tscan-180C


Спектрометр терагерцовый Tscan-350C


Спектрометр терагерцовый Tscan-500C


Спектрометр терагерцовый Tscan-1000C


Спектрометр терагерцовый Tscan-1500C-Ex


In addition to the above-mentioned range, can be supplied to customer order spectrometers. The customer can choose the type of spectrometer, frequency bands, as well as many special delivery conditions.
quasi-optical system

The kit includes:
• Generator on avalanche-transit diode - the wavelength of 2 mm (140 GHz)
• pyroelectric detector with mouthpiece
• Electronic power supply with synchronous detection and USB 1.1 interface
• The polarization grating
• four-stage attenuator (1, 3, 10, 30%)
• Fabry-Perot interferometer, the resolution of 120 MHz
• Membrane grating device for measuring the angle of the intensity distribution
• The lens, absorbing screens, plates of variable thickness.
The system can be used for reflection and transmission measurements, determine parameters dielectric substances sample thickness, latent defects, as well as for educational purposes.